As a Social Organization, Kappa throws its fair share of parties. While some themes change over the years, we have a few theme parties that have turned into Kappa traditions.  Traditions are what make fraternities great, which is why we honor our roots and our alumni by hosting the same theme parties they threw when they attended Trinity University.

Theme Parties


This is what we are known for. It goes without saying that experiencing a Toga party first hand is a must during one's college career.


Get Lost in Texas (GLIT):

Once a year, Kappas and their dates head to the Texas countryside for a night of camping. This event has taken the place of our fall formal event over the years, causing it to be a can't miss event.


Maui Maui:

Let's get tropical everyone! Kappa Kappa Delta is pleased to bring you our annual beach themed party in the spring, giving you ample time to get a quick tan after surviving the cold winter.


Kappa Beach:

Notice a theme? Kappas and their dates will head to one of the local Texas beaches for a relaxing weekend where good times will be had by all. As always, ask a Kappa if you would like to know more!


KCL (Kappa City Limits):

One of our newer events, this is our opening party of the Fall semester. Ask around, it's a very popular event, basketball jerseys and liquor-filled CamelBaks abound!


Unlike many Universities, rush takes place throughout the entire Fall semester and the beginning of the Spring semester at Trinity University. During that time, we highly recommend attending one of our informal events or reaching out to one of our current members if you are interested in rushing Kappa.


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SPURS mixer

Rush Events

We have three official rush events each academic year, along with multiple informal rush events where actives and rushees can get t know each other. Attendance is not mandatory, but is highly encouraged.


First Round Rush takes place in mid-September and typically takes the form of a BBQ at the house.


Second Round Rush takes place in mid-October. We usually end up going out for an evening, either bowling, shooting some pool, or playing laser tag.


Third Round Rush takes place in November. Suit up and hang with the boys for a private event at Tomatillos!

Want to see some pictures of our events? Be sure to check out our Gallery and our Instagram to see what you have been missing out on!