Historical Founding

In 1987,  a local fraternity under the name of Kappa Kappa Delta was founded at Trinity University.


In the beginning, there were two distinct groups of friends at Trinity University that wanted to establish a new fraternity. One group, led by founder Rush Olson, wrote a charter for the new organization. Having learned that the founding of a new fraternity had begun, the second group quickly joined in and filed the bid, thus founding the Kappa Kappa Delta Fraternity. 


Since our founding, our members have come diverse backgrounds participating in all parts of campus life and social circles. The fraternity rallied around the fact that they were going to be different, and it has been the diversity of the group, which has been key to the success of the organization. 


To this day, we take pride in the diversity of our members, for it is a distinction for inclusion and acceptance that we have kept as a principle. We have grown into an organization with strong bonds of brotherhood and social camraderie, a large, involved alumni base, excellence in academia, and extensive philanthropic and service involvement in the San Antonio community.